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Why Your New Amazing Website Is Not Profitable

Why Your New Amazing Website Is Not Profitable

10 crucial questions to answer that will set the best possible strategy for your business website

Most people believe that a stunning - and sometimes expensive - website is what it really takes for your business to succeed online. Actually, this might be the most certain way to waste your money. What you must know is that online, beauty has a different definition than the one you already have in mind.

A very appealing website doesn’t necessarily include functionality, speed, simplicity, smart content, SEO tricks and a serious amount of additional elements that your developers need to build or take into account in order to make your website digitally appealing. 

What most business owners should know before they build a website is that it is mainly a tool. A very important tool for their business and most possibly in a few years, it could replace their entire business, since many successful companies choose the digital path to go global instead of striving locally.

So how do you choose a business tool? How would you choose a car for your company? For instance, what car should a florist choose? A limo may very well match his sense of aesthetics but we all know that a van is what he needs to do the job. You can pick the top, fastest, most appealing van, providing you must always have in mind that what you need is a van.

Therefore, a solid strategy is essential in order to successfully combine an appealing yet productive, functional and profitable website. Find out the 10 crucial questions that will help you understand the potential of your business website by viewing the following infographic with content from the book ‘’Building A Better Business Website’’ by Randy Milanovic.


website strategy infographic

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