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Online Advertising Myths

Online Advertising Myths

Online ads are often considered to be either junk or panacea. Which stands for the truth?

Two kinds of businessmen new to online advertising seem to exist. The ones who think online ads are too good to be true and the ones who think they are the world.

However, since online advertisement is the new below and above, sooner or later all brands will have to join in order to reach the biggest possible audiences. Our job is to indicate the facts and bust those myths.

''They'll think of me as spam!''
Online advertising is not spam if you do it the professional way. If your sole goal is not to increase clicks at any cost then you will do fine. If you share important information, connect with truly interested users and give valuable offers, discounts and coupons, you are on the right track of great ROI (return on investment)

''It doesn’t work!''
Yes, sometimes it doesn’t. But online advertising is not a vague promotion on magazines or radio. Online ads are fully measurable and adjustable. This means that you know at any point of your campaign the exact results and if you are not satisfied you can alter it to perform better! So, mainly it’s up to you whether it will work or not. Unless you expect a million clicks a day which won’t happen.

''Display ads is old news''
This depends on what are your expected aims. If your business is new, then display ads can help consumers have an image of your brand and products or services. If you wish for an effective campaign on brand awareness, then text ads are not for you; at least not for start.

''I have to be perfect!''
Competition is huge but if you think about it, so is in traditional media. Your TV spot has to compete with giant brands, however, you have extra online tools to help your ads perform better! Online advertising can be targeted to specific audiences according to age, geography, and several other characteristics that can give you bigger value for your money and better performance to your core target group than multinational brands.

''They bring website visitors not sales''
You don’t run an online campaign as a result of a day’s thought. As with traditional media, you should have a proper marketing plan and a full strategy in order to see sales increase. If you don’t then you may not even get website visitors in the first place.

''Facebook is the only network that matters!''
Everything depends on your brand and industry. Facebook is the most successful social media network but doesn’t perform that well for all types of businesses.
Your online marketing plans should first focus on which networks are more popular to your area, industry and target group and then place your ads.

As a conclusion, online advertising is nor junk neither panacea. As until now, it all depends to your marketing plan, your goals and expected returns. However, at the end of the day, online advertising may prove more efficient because it is fully measurable, adjustable and costs less.

Let us plan an ideal online marketing plan to help your business reach the biggest possible audiences!


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