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Bring Some Texture Back!

Bring Some Texture Back!

The use of texture in web design is somewhat replaced by flat design with flat shapes and simple colors. Actually, this is not a bad thing given the messy results when it was over-done in most of the cases.  Sometimes though, texture is the only way to add extra warmth, personality and feeling. And also, stand out.

Texture can achieve a really memorable result if added in small elements and not throughout the whole website and exhausting the user’s eyes. This can be achieved through typography, images, background patterns, UI/UX elements and hand – drawn illustrations. Just small elements of the above will create a beautiful online experience that definitely stands out.

In other words, you either take a look at our work :) or check 5 websites from awwwards that got texture in web design right:



Old Town Spice

old town spice

The Kettle

the kettle

Free People

free people

Uinta Brewing

Uinta Brewing

You can check more websites here.

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